Retail Fixture

Freestanding Retail Fixtures

Perhaps the most flexible type of retail fixture is the freestanding fixture. These displays are not anchored to a single point in the store (such as a wall). Instead, they can typically be maneuvered easily around the store and offer 360 degrees of display space.

Freestanding retail fixtures bring a great deal of flexibility to your store. For one, they allow you to experiment with your store layout to achieve the best look. They also make it easier for you to freshen up your store’s look as often as you wish. When you want to promote seasonal items, special deals, or set up holiday displays, you can use freestanding retail fixtures to place these displays in prominent areas and remove them when the sale or the holiday is over.

Typically, freestanding displays are ideal for displaying items such as clothing, shoes, and jewelry. They are also a smart choice for businesses looking to maintain a varied look in their store. Examples of freestanding retail fixtures include garment racks, gondolas, pedestals, and tables.

Countertop Retail Fixtures

For capturing leads at the point of sale, countertop retail fixtures are often a good choice. As the name implies, these are small fixtures that sit on top of your checkout counters. They can often be custom-designed by the retail fixture manufacturer in order to complement your brand, store design, and specific display needs.

Countertop retail fixtures are ideal for displaying smaller items that shoppers may want to purchase at the spur of the moment. For instance, brochures, maps, treats (such as candy, cookies, or gum), some types of jewelry, and many more items can all be positioned effectively with these fixtures.

Countertop retail fixtures allow you to make smaller, novelty items easier to access for consumers. When these items are displayed at your checkouts, they are immediately within the view of consumers who might not otherwise have thought to purchase them. As a result, they help to increase the number of sales you make, encourage leads for any special services you offer, and allow you to promote smaller items that would otherwise get overlooked.

Wall Mounted Retail Fixtures

Not all displays are as flexible or as interchangeable as freestanding and countertop retail fixtures, nor do they need to be. There are some types of merchandise, and some stores, which work best with more permanent solutions, such as wall mounted retail fixtures. These displays, as the name indicates, are anchored to the wall. Accessories such as hooks and hangers are then attached to the wall fixtures in order to display the products.

Wall mounted retail fixtures are ideal for saving space and for maximizing the amount of product you have on display. They also take up less space than do freestanding displays. As a result, smaller stores can use them to display their products without overcrowding their floor space. The result is both a cleaner looking store and a greater inventory available for perusal and purchase. Common examples of wall mounted retail fixtures include pegboard, gridwall, or slatwall.